DRINKHACK™ Supports Alcohol Metabolism and Acetaldehyde Reduction.

Feel Better the Next Day / Drink Smart, Never Drink Without It | Hang-Around Reducer |

Avaialbe in Box (8ct packets) or Party Pack (2ct packets)

  • The ultimate acetaldehyde metabolizer. Why treat a “hang-around” when you can just prevent it?
  • DRINKHACK™ is formulated for health-conscious social drinkers who want to have fun but be productive the following day.
  • Backed by clinical HUMAN studies with 100% success rates (acetaldehyde reduction).

SIMPLE DOSING: simply take 2 easy-to-swallow DRINKHACK™ pills.


CONVENIENT PACKAGING: just grab an on-the-go package and slide it into your pocket or purse. Take 1 pill within 60 minutes of your first drink and 1 pill within 60 minutes after your last drink. *If you forget to the take the first pill, don’t worry. Simply take both pills after your last drink or before you go to bed.

DRINKHACK™ contains no caffeine or stimulants.

Build Fast Formula DRINK HACK

We are extremely confident DRINKHACK™ will work as advertised, which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

DRINKHACK™ Supports Alcohol Metabolism and Acetaldehyde Reduction.

DRINKHACK™ is the first product formulated to address acetaldehyde metabolism. It supports the body’s natural acetaldehyde elimination process, as acetaldehyde is the most toxic byproduct of alcohol consumption.Contrary to popular belief, acetaldehyde (not dehydration or vitamin depletion) is mainly responsible for how bad you feel the day after drinking. If other products you purchase doesn’t address acetaldehyde metabolism, they likely won’t work as advertised.

  • One DRINKHACK™ packet costs less than the average alcoholic beverage. Would you pay that small price to feel better the next day?

  • In a human clinical study, a key ingredient in DRINKHACK™ was given to a group of men 1 hour before and 1 hour after ethanol (alcohol) consumption. Acetaldehyde concentrations were significantly lower at 1, 2, and 3 hours post-consumption compared to the control group. One hour after drinking, study subjects’ acetaldehyde levels were approximately 100% lower than the control group.

The world is full of all kinds of people, all of whom have experienced a plethora of different things. But one thing two people will always share in common is the absolute hell that is a hang-around.

Enjoy a night out and take DRINK HACK as your wingman...and always drink responsibly.

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