About Us (New)

The Build Fast Formula

Locked-In Nutrition + Proper Training + Optimal Supplement = EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS

Most supplements are under-dosed using fillers, cost-cutting compounds, and proprietary blends, which keep you feeling and looking the same day after day. They waste your time, and your money, and make you feel like it’s your fault…when really it’s on THEM for peddling BULLS**T snake oil. 

At Build Fast Formula, our product formulas contain clinically dosed, research-backed compounds with no unnecessary fillers so you can build towards your goals faster. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals on the stage, platform, field, court, office, and anywhere you need to evolve your performance.


We started in 2019 with our resident Mad Scientist Chris Duffin looking to take his performance to superhuman levels  by squatting and deadlifting 1,000lbs for reps to become the strongest person in the world. The toll on his body was immense, and the training session was so brutal he could only train once a week. Not only that but in the background, he was managing a young family and a thriving business Kabuki Strength. The demands of his life started taking a heavy toll on him, even with the optimal diet, training, hormonal interventions…Chris was still lacking.

That’s when he realized the piece he was missing to achieve the EXTRAORDINARY was “Optimal Supplementation”. He had access to the best supplements and research at the time, but he was tired of spending hundreds of dollars each month to make his supplements to fuel his performance. He couldn’t believe there wasn’t a company as obsessed about performance as he was! That’s where Build Fast Formula comes in…


BUILD FAST FORMULA WAS BORN BITCHES!! But while Chris had the formulas in his back pocket (literally in some instances), he needed a team to execute and expand his vision. The company went from filling an obsession to be the strongest in the world to buildest the best formulas, based on the best science, for the everyday person. 

So he teamed up with some South Dakotans, Abby & Nathan Thomas, who, like him, threw caution to the wind and thought to take on the supplement giants of the world because who doesn’t like a David & Goliath story. The team grew, and so did the scope of what Build Fast became… it became something better…something newer, and more nostalgic to a time when the world made sense, and EVERYTHING WASN’T A FU**ING SCAM.


As Build Fast Formulas grows and it’s products expand. We’re excited to bring more people into the fold who want to squeeze every drop from every day…but don’t take life so seriously. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed, so if we aren’t having fun running the business, we damn well know you won’t have fun interacting with us. 

That’s why as we try new things, fail, try other things, fail at those things probably as well, BUT eventually find something that works…we encourage you to call us on our SHIT. Don’t accept our half-measures, and keep us honest…because that’s how we’ll keep Build Fast Formula from becoming a shitty snake oil supplement company…with your help.