The Lactic Acid Conspiracy

Lactate buildup does not cause muscular fatigue. Lactate is a valuable energy source just as glucose is. Measure blood locate levels measures how well the body is using it as energy source and your tolerance… LACATE does not cause fatigue it is an energy source. The fatigue is from acidosis that is hydrogen buildup. Both Lactate and Hydrogen accumulate from non-aerobic training and IF they were to remain together would be lactic acid… but although they are produced from the same reaction they stay disassociated with different end results in the body. They are never paired as Lactic Acid and in fact are not even produced at a 1 to 1 ratio. Interestingly though, new research shows that hydrogen accumulation may not be the primary sources of muscular fatigue. Acidosis is a result of Hydrogen accumulation (as well as bi-carbonate reduction) which happens at the same time as Lacate but is dissociated and they are never linked as Lactic Acid ‼️ ➖ Nalbandian, M., & Takeda, M. (2016, October 8). Lactate as a Signaling Molecule That Regulates Exercise-Induced Adaptations. Biology. Rabinowitz, J. D., & Enerbäck, S. (2020, July 20). Lactate: the ugly duckling of energy metabolism. Nature News. Brooks, G. A. (2018). The Science and Translation of Lactate Shuttle Theory. Cell Metabolism, 27(4), 757–785. Brooks, G. A. (2009, November 30). Cell–cell and intracellular lactate shuttles. The Physiological Society. Brooks, G. A. (1985). Lactate:Glycolytic End Product and Oxidative Substrate During Sustained Exercise in Mammals — The “Lactate Shuttle.” Proceedings in Life Sciences, 208–218. Brooks, G. A. (2002, April 1). Lactate shuttles in Nature. Portland Press.